Speaker Profile: Todd Hay

Shared Ops


As Vice President of Operations, Todd Hay is responsible for shared operations, customer care, quality, data management, and ad operations for Plex.

Todd is a seasoned software executive with more than 25 years of experience across all aspects of the software industry. Prior to joining Plex, he served as the COO of Ople, an AI platform that allows business users and domain experts to build custom machine learning applications. Before this, Todd spent six years at Yahoo as the Head of Product for Local, Maps and Small Business, where he was responsible for driving revenue and ensuring the execution of programs across functions and organizations within Yahoo. He’s also held senior and C-level positions at IBM, Adobe, Oracle (BEA) and CoderTribe.

Todd graduated with an MBA in High-Technology Innovation from Northeastern University.


The Halo Effect: Content Attribution Explained (Monitoring/Analysis)

4:30 PM to 4:50 PM

In a perfect world, there would be universal parameters set for determining the success or “performance” of a company, however, we face the challenge of defining what this concept means. In the world of streaming, we can define performance through several types of data, including revenue, minutes watched, ROI, completion rate, total playbacks - the list can go on. However, with no industry standard set, different brands and companies measure these metrics differently as well, creating discrepancies in measurement and reporting. With all these parameters in mind, how can we effectively analyze streaming data to measure and improve performance? In this session, we’ll discuss the roadblocks companies face while analyzing performance data, and will also provide insight into how companies can successfully define performance to improve their platforms.