Speaker Profile: Ruggero Di Benedetto

Director of Telco/Media & Entertainment


Ruggero is Consulting Media Practice lead of NTT DATA Americas, one of the Top 10 global business & IT services provider. With headquarter in Plano, Texas, NTT DATA Americas leverages Consulting & Industry expertise to help clients accelerate and sustain value throughout digital journeys. He has been working in Telco, Media & Entertainment for more than 20 years, gaining a deep expertise in Strategy, Digital transformation, Automation & Operations optimization for Broadcasting and Media clients. From 2021 he has been appointed as Global Media Lead by NTT HQ (Japan) to coordinate the Media offering between the various OpCos among NTT Group and to develop innovative solutions in Media domains.


QoE insights from NTT DATA OTT Streaming Observatory (Measurement/Analysis)

3:10 PM to 3:30 PM

Competition in video streaming is high. Business models are changing and once simple propositions (e.g. SVOD, FAST, etc.) they are now morphing into multiple offerings, creating additional levels of 'complexity' in the technical domains. So low perceptual quality, artifacts, buffering, stuttering, UX impairments can happen even more and they can contribute to loss of users and harm service reputation. Assuring high QoE is of crucial importance to compete in the streaming arena but sometimes there is a lot of 'hype' around key metrics, often wrapped in marketing messages. Based on our experience from OTT Streaming Observatory, a technical benchmarking report from NTT DATA, we will provide insights on how the main streaming players are performing from technical point of view and we will shed some lights on overlooked aspects of the Video Quality of Experience, considering technical quality KPIs compared against each others in the market.