Speaker Profile: Ravid Hadar

VP, Product


Ravid Hadar is VP products in Compira Labs, where he drives the product definition and implementation for its ML based solution, improving the QoE for video streaming. He represents Compira Labs in the SVTA. Ravid has vast experience in product leadership in the fields of video streaming, cloud gaming and network optimization.He previously headed product and business development at the software startup Giraffic, which was acquired in 2019 by Roku. Prior to that, he was responsible at SanDisk for a product line with yearly revenue of over $1 billion. Ravid holds an MBA and B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from Tel Aviv University.


Study Group Update: Immersive Video

3:50 PM to 4:10 PM

In this session, chairs or members of the SVTA Immersive Video Study Group will provide a brief update on their current activities, publications, and projects. Part of this presentation will focus on the recent in-depth investigation (including discussion of empirical data gathered through experimentation) of streaming real-time virtual/mixed reality experiences and a proposed approach for augmenting client player analytics with real-time network analytics.