Speaker Profile: Megan Wagoner


Meet Megan Wagoner, a highly accomplished technical executive with over 17 years of experience in the Media & Entertainment industry. Her expertise spans services, software, hardware, and cloud sectors. Megan is the Vice President of Media & Entertainment Partnerships at Endeavor Streaming. She is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the industry and has been featured in numerous conferences and publications. Her ability to build and lead high-performance teams, create strong partnerships with clients, and deliver innovative solutions that solve complex business challenges is unparalleled. Megan’s passion for promoting gender diversity and empowering women in the streaming technology industry has earned her numerous industry awards and recognitions. Megan is also the Vice President on the Board of Directors for Women in Streaming Media (WSM) and is the founder of WSM’s Mentorship Program. WSM is a network of over 1200+ members with a mission to increase diversity and provide more visibility to women leaders within the streaming media industry. In 2022, Megan was chosen for the IABM Americas Council. She was recently named a Most Admired Woman in Tech by Industry Peers for Parks Associates and chosen for the Rise 2022 Influencer of the Year Award Shortlist. Megan is a former SMPTE manager and Program Chair of the DC Section of SMPTE. She looks forward to getting more involved with SVTA.


Deciphering the Latest in Video Codecs. What Is Just Noise, And When Can You Truly Capitalize? (Manipulation)

10:20 AM to 10:40 AM

There are several new compression types that promise better quality and lower latency, but are they ready for primetime? Get into the weeds, find out the tipping point for video streamers to adopt new tech. It's all there: usage, pricing, latency calculations, PLUS the real issue, how to find out when viewers' devices and platforms are ready to receive it.