Speaker Profile: Joseph Claypool

Director, Sales Engineering



Technical Challenges of Achieving Reliability And Predictable Low Latency in Live Sports Streaming (Delivery)

11:10 AM to 11:30 AM

This presentation will focus on solving streaming reliability and latency challenges for high-value live sports. The popularity of live sports streaming has never been so high and the delivery of high-quality and low-latency video is crucial to ensure a seamless and engaging viewer experience that can bring real value to the content owners and rights holders. One of the major challenges faced in live sports streaming is network congestion, which can lead to buffering and delays in video playback. We will discuss how this can be addressed by improving network infrastructure and using distributed nodes and edge technology. Another significant challenge is reducing latency, or the delay between the live event and the viewer seeing it. High latency can be a problem, particularly for live sports events that require real-time interaction between the audience and content. We will explore different ways to reduce latency, such as using low-latency streaming protocols, optimizing server placement, and edge processing. Overall, this presentation will provide insights into the technology challenges of streaming high-value live sports and potential solutions to address them. We will discuss the latest advancements in streaming technology and how they can be used to create a more reliable and low-latency viewing experience for live sports fans.