Speaker Profile: Jens Koerner

VP, Head of Product Management


Jens leads the product team at Conviva, building real-time observability and analytics solutions on a common platform at large scale. The platform enables customer to leverage A.I. driven alerting, time-state metrics and multidimensional analysis to discover, analyze and address quality of experience issues in video streaming and – more broadly – in their applications. Before joining Conviva, Jens worked at Hitachi, Google, VMware, SAP, and various start-ups in the big data analytics and platform space.


The Pitfalls to Avoid with Streaming Measurement (Measurement/Analysis)

4:10 PM to 4:30 PM

It is not an easy path to transform raw event data into analytics that reflect the real-world experience of every viewer, in real time, every time. Gathering data across all OSes, players, regions, devices, and models is just the first piece of the puzzle. But every endpoint sends events in their own format. To make sense of that raw data, teams need to map events into common semantics, then define and validate common metrics modeling user experiences. Lastly, they need a flexible way to explore these metrics along infinite dimensions in real time to solve any challenges viewers may face. Incorrect instrumentation, mapping or validation can lead teams to make critical business decisions on inaccurate data. Uncover the mistakes to avoid and ensure your data models the real-world experience of every viewer, in real time.